Elon Musk and Tucker Carlson go Head to Head on Alien Conspiracy Theories in Viral X Conversation

Conservative political commentator Tucker Carlson claimed that “spiritual entities” live in the Earth’s oceans and have for thousands of years. Elon Musk was quick to dismiss his theories online and then two have gotten involved in a viral rant on Musk’s platform, X.

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On a recent episode of Joe Rogan’s podcast, Carlson claimed that there is “no evidence” that aliens come from another planet. Rather, his theory is that aliens are from right here on Earth.

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He explained that these “spiritual” or “supernatural” entities have been on earth for thousands of years as opposed to coming from the likes of Mars.

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His commentary went viral on X and Musk was quick to respond. He stated that his Starlink satellites have captured no evidence of extraterrestrial life and rejects Carlson’s theories. Musk tweeted, “I have seen no evidence for aliens and , with ~6000 satellites orbiting Earth, I think I would know”.

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The viral conversation around extraterrestrial beings follows revelations at US and Mexican congressional hearings. Former officer David Grusch testified about recovered non-human spacecrafts and biologics but it was later revealed they were fake.

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A ufologist also presented supposed alien corpses in Mexico to Congress, which were apparently found in Peru back in 2017. The incident went viral but they were inevitably found to be fake as well.

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Forensic archeologist explained, “The conclusion is simple: they are dolls assembled with bones of animals from this planet, with modern synthetic glues, therefore they were not assembled during pre-Hispanic times. They are not extraterrestrials; they are not aliens”.

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Musk went on to claim that if he did, in fact, find evidence of extraterrestrial life he would immediately tweet about it. He stated, “That’d be probably the top tweet of all time. ‘We found one, guys!’ It’s the jackpot with some 8 billion likes”.