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William Gentry

China Sells Record $53B in US Treasuries, Anticipating Trump’s Return

According to US Treasury data cited by Bloomberg, Beijing sold $53.3 billion worth of US Treasury and agency bonds from its stockpile. That’s above already eye-catching volumes China was offloading last year. Altogether, one estimate has calculated that the country has sold $300 billion of US Bonds between 2021 and mid-2023. China’s selling grew to…

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When Laundry Detergent Becomes Currency: The Alarming Sign of America’s Economic Decline

In recent years, an alarming trend has emerged in the United States, indicating not only the severity of economic deterioration but also highlighting the widening wealth gap. The phenomenon of locking up staple items like Tide laundry detergent in stores is a stark indicator of these issues. Reports from across the nation reveal that stores…

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Fast Food Fallout: Why California’s Chains May Start to Crumble

In the ever-changing landscape of California’s fast food industry, a formidable challenge looms large, threatening the very core of iconic chains such as McDonald’s and Burger King. Once stalwarts of American dining, these establishments now confront a confluence of economic hurdles that jeopardize their survival. Minimum wage hikes and inflation may bring to close the…

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California’s New Minimum Wage Showdown: Newsom’s $18 For All and Ben Franklin’s Dire Prediction

In a landmark move, the California $18 Minimum Wage Initiative has officially qualified for the November 5, 2024 ballot. This initiative, if passed, would incrementally raise the state’s minimum wage to $18 per hour by 2026, with subsequent adjustments based on the cost of living. This proposal has garnered significant support, with a recent poll…

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Amid California Newsom’s Minimum Wage Hike Shockwave: Chipotle Stands Strong

In the realm of fast-casual dining, Chipotle’s story is one of resilience amid adversity. Despite facing a barrage of challenges, from shrinking portions to sanitation concerns, the Denver-based chain continues to defy expectations. Even in the wake of California’s minimum wage hike and widespread discontent, Chipotle stands tall, poised to open 300 new locations this…

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Unveiling the Hidden Costs: How Realtor Commissions Inflate Home Prices

Amidst skyrocketing home prices in the U.S., a recent court case in Kansas City has spotlighted a hidden factor: realtor commissions. The verdict, totaling $1.8 billion in damages, revealed how the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and major real estate companies artificially inflated brokerage commissions. At the core of the issue is how commissions are…

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