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How we uphold the highest standards of journalism ethics

We are WorldMatrix, a global media company that provides news and information to millions of readers. We want to share with you how we follow strict journalism ethics in our reporting and editing. We believe that journalism ethics are the common values that guide us in our work.

We adhere to the principles of truthfulness, accuracy, fairness, independence, objectivity, impartiality, respect for others and public accountability, as these apply to the gathering, editing and dissemination of newsworthy information to you. We also use artificial intelligence (AI) to verify and ensure that the non-opinion articles on our website meet or exceed those standards. The AI system checks the sources, facts, context, balance, tone and language of the articles before they are published. The system also flags any potential errors, biases, distortions or plagiarism for our review. The AI system is designed to enhance the quality and credibility of our journalism, not to replace our judgment or editorial oversight.

We are committed to serving the public interest and fostering a culture of ethical journalism within our organization. We welcome your feedback and invite you to report any concerns or complaints about our content. We will promptly correct any mistakes and address any issues that may arise.

We also recognize the diversity and complexity of the human experience and seek to reflect that in our coverage. We strive to ensure the free exchange of information that is accurate, fair and thorough. We follow the journalism ethics codes and standards of various professional associations and media outlets around the world.

We hope that you trust us as your source of news and information. We thank you for your support and loyalty.