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Nicole Castro

FedEx and UPS Await Governor Hochul’s Decision on New York Home Booze Delivery

Small distillers across New York State are rejoicing over the recent legislative approval of a measure that would allow them to ship their products directly to consumers. This privilege, long enjoyed by New York wineries, promises to open new sales channels for distilleries, cideries, and meaderies. However, the bill’s future hinges on the signature of…

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Miraculous Discovery: Scientists Find Missing Continent Argoland After 155 Million Years

An ancient supercontinent called Gondwana included a continent called Argoland that was thought to be lost some 155 million years ago. Recently; however, scientists have miraculously located the continent in an unexpected place. It so happens that an ocean off of western Australia held the answers they were looking for all along. When Gondwana was…

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Texas Workforce Hit Hard: Zachry Industrial’s Major Layoff Announcement

Less than a month following the bankruptcy filings of subsidiaries under the Zachry Group, a significant player in the construction and engineering sector, the fallout has hit hard. Zachry Industrial, a prominent arm of the conglomerate, has announced a staggering layoff affecting over 4,000 employees. The revelation came through a Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notice…

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The Trump Earthquake: Republicans Backing Felon for President Will Cause Political Shockwaves

In a bold and controversial move, the Republican Party is poised to gamble on a felon as their candidate for the presidency. The recent felony conviction of a former president has thrown the political landscape into disarray, prompting debate about the party’s decision to align with a figure tainted by legal troubles. Despite the candidate’s…

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Disney’s Pixar Lays Off 14% of Workforce in an Attempt to Restructure

Pixar Animation Studios has announced historic layoffs, impacting approximately 14% of its workforce – around 175 employees. This move comes as parent company Walt Disney focuses on quality theatrical releases and refocuses efforts from Disney+ feature films. However, consumers wonder if the workforce cuts mark the beginning of the end for streaming. The long-awaited job…

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From Criticism to Escalation: Biden’s U-Turn on China Tariffs

President Joe Biden once criticized Donald Trump’s tariffs on Chinese imports, claiming American consumers were paying them. However, his administration has now announced new tariffs on $18 billion worth of goods from China, marking a significant shift in policy. In 2019, Biden accused Trump of not understanding the basics of economics and suggested that Americans…

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