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Melissa Miller

Historic Verdict: Biden Joins Trump as Convicted Felon, Prison Terms Yet To Be Decided

This week marked a significant moment in the American legal landscape as two high-profile trials unfolded simultaneously, each involving prominent figures in the political sphere. In a Delaware courtroom, Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, faced the verdict of a week-long trial centered on his alleged purchase of a firearm while addicted to…

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$25 Chicken Nugget Meal: California’s Minimum Wage Hike Takes “McFlation” to a Whole New Level

California’s minimum wage increase had immediate adverse effects on the fast food industry. In addition to mass layoffs and location closures, many franchises have resulted to increasing menu prices in order to afford to pay their employees. The most recent upset comes from a chicken nugget meal that costs an almost inconceivable $25. “McFlation” is…

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Fox News Questions Donald Trump’s Wildwood, N.J. Rally Size: State Rep. Claims its Largest in State’s History

Fox News host Jesse Watters recently questioned the accuracy of claims regarding the attendance at Donald Trump’s rally in New Jersey. On a segment of “The Five,” Watters challenged the reported crowd size that had gathered to hear Trump speak. This discussion comes at a time when Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee for the 2024…

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New Bill Limits Cell Phone Usage in School, More Public Schools Sure to Follow

Worcester, Massachusetts, is considering a new cellphone policy in its schools that would limit electronic device usage. Under the new legislation, electronics would only be allowed to be used during specific times and for educational purposes. Meanwhile, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine is expected to sign legislation requiring all public schools in the state to establish…

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Walmart Announces Layoffs and Relocates Hundreds of Corporate Remote Workers

In a memo sent to employees on Tuesday, Walmart announced it is laying off hundreds of corporate workers and asking most remote employees to return to offices, primarily at its headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas. The company stated publicly that these changes are aimed at promoting collaboration and strengthening its culture. Walmart, the nation’s largest private…

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