‘No shade, Just flames’: Burger King is Giving Away Free Breakfast Items for the Entire Week

Burger King plans to celebrate daylight savings this Sunday by offering its customers complimentary breakfast items throughout the week. This promotion follows just a week after the fast-food chain gave away free Whoppers in response to Wendy’s announcement they were making changes to the company including Uber-style surge pricing. 

According to the Daily Mail, in the beginning of February, Wendy’s president and CEO, Kirk Tanner stated in an investors call that in 2025 the company would begin testing “digital menu boards”. This new $20 million system would give Wendy’s the opportunity to update prices in real-time and would allow locations to manually hike up prices during the busiest times of day. 

After being met with plenty of negative feedback Wendy’s company executives put out a statement to better explain what Tanner had stated in the investors call. Part of the statement read “digital menus could allow the company to offer discounts to customers during slower times of day.” In the closing of their statement Wendy’s company executives assured consumers that “Wendy’s has always been about providing high-quality food at a great value, and customers can continue to expect that from our brand.” 

Despite the attempts to clear up Tanner’s statement, consumers felt the damage had already been done especially when taken into consideration that Wendy’s is already considered the most expensive fast-food chain in the United States. Between 2022 and 2023 Wendy’s menu prices rose a staggering 35% due to inflation. 

Taking notice of the controversy surrounding its fellow fast-food competitor, Burger King jumped on the opportunity to reward its customers instead of upsetting them. In a tweet posted February 29, Burger King said “no shade, just flames. get a FREE Whopper or Impossible Whopper with $3+ purchase in the BK App thru Friday”. 

Following the positive feedback from the giveaway Burger King decided to do it again and now wants to reward their Royal Perks members. Beginning Sunday, March 10, and continuing through Sunday, March 16, Royal Perks members will be able to get an array of breakfast menu freebies. 

Sunday, March 10: Members can score a free Croissan’wich with the purchase of at least $1. 

Monday, March 11: Spend at least $1 can score five free French toast sticks.

Tuesday, March 12 – Wednesday, March 13: Spend at least $1 and get a free bottle of Simply orange juice or a large order of hash browns.

Thursday, March 14: With the purchase of at least $3.14 members get a free Hershey’s sundae pie- to celebrate Pi Day.

Friday, March 15: Members who spend $1 can snag a free large vanilla iced coffee.

Saturday, March 16: With the purchase of $1 or more members are guaranteed a free sausage biscuit.

In the face of daily price surges Burger King is trying to lessen the blow one freebie at a time and consumers think other fast-food conglomerates should take note.