Democrats Submit Bill to Name a Miami Federal Prison After Trump— “The Only Honor He Truly Deserves”

A group of House Democrats had a hilarious response to House Republicans suggesting an airport should be renamed after former President Donald Trump. They introduced a bill that would bestow his namesake on a federal prison in Miami instead.

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A proposal introduced by House Republicans earlier in April sought to rename the Washington Dulles International Airport to Donald J. Trump International Airport. The proposal is highly unlikely to pass Congress, but House Democrats couldn’t help making some jabs at the former President nonetheless.

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In response, a group of House Democrats submitted a bill a week later that proposed a new name for the Miami Federal Correctional Institution: “Donald J. Trump Federal Correctional Institution”.

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The Washington Dulles International Airport sits within Rep. Gerry Connolly of Virginia’s district. He explained, “When our Republican colleagues introduced their bill to rename Dulles after Donald Trump, I said the more fitting option would be to rename a federal prison.”

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Other representatives from Florida and California joined Connolly to submit the bill as well. Connolly went on to say “I hope our Republican friends will join us in bestowing upon Donald J. Trump the only honor he truly deserves.”

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The proposal is just as unlikely to make it to Congress as the one brought forth by the Republicans, but the back and forth has gained tons of attention on social media and in the news circuit.

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The Miami Federal Correctional Institute is close to Trump’s infamous Mar-A-Lago resort. Not to mention, it’s also located right in the heart of the United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Florida, where Trump was indicted on 40 felony charges in 2023.

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Rep. John Garamendi of California, who submitted the proposal with Connolly expressed, “I cannot think of a more fitting tribute to our former president, Donald J. Trump, than renaming the closest federal prison to Mar-A-Lago in his honor.” It also happens to be the same institution where Trump’s former White House Trade advisor, Peter Navarro, is serving a four month sentence for defying a congressional subpoena regarding the January 6 riot of the Capitol.

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Rep. Jared Moskowitz of Florida also mentioned “everyone knows President trump loves to write his name in gold letter on all his buildings.” And who could forget Trump’s comments about wanting to be added to Mt. Rushmore in 2020?

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While it’s pretty clear than neither proposal will make it past Congress or be seriously considered, Trump does still face 88 criminal charges within four indictments. With such an unprecedented reality and a looming rematch of President Joe Biden and Donald Trump, it is no wonder proposals like these are crafted on both sides.