Apple Announces ‘Let Loose’ Event Amid Rumors of New iPads

Tech giant Apple surprised its fanbase with an unexpected announcement of a special event on May 7, 2024, following its previously scheduled June 10th event. The online-only event, tagged as “Let Loose,” is believed to bring significant updates to the iPad lineup and accessories.

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The announcement came with an intriguing teaser, a creatively interpreted Apple logo featuring an Apple Pencil. This has sparked rumors that new iPad models, specifically the iPad Pro and iPad Air, will be unveiled alongside major updates to these devices’ accessories.

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According to recent reports, Apple will introduce two new iPad Pro models with OLED displays, marking a significant upgrade from LED and Mini-LED. This change should bring improved immersiveness and overall visual appeal for both work and play tasks.

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The upcoming iPad Air refresh is also anticipated to include new sizes, expanding the lineup beyond its current 10.9-inch offering. This could make larger iPads more accessible to consumers seeking affordability.

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Apple’s Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil are expected to receive upgrades that will be showcased during the event. The new accessories are likely to work seamlessly with the latest iPad models, providing an enhanced user experience.

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The M3 processor is tipped to power the new iPad Pro models, signifying a performance boost over their previous M2 counterparts. This update should make the devices even more versatile and capable for users.

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Bloomberg reported that Apple suppliers have been ramping up production of new iPads since March 2024, indicating that these long-awaited updates are imminent. The new models’ launch is predicted to take place in early May, with the event serving as an official unveiling.

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Apple co-founder Steve Jobs first introduced the iPad in 2010. It has been about 18 months since the last significant updates to the iPad lineup. Sales have reportedly slowed down, and this event is expected to bring new energy to the category.

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The new iPads’ release comes as Apple faces increased competition in the tablet market from rivals like Microsoft’s Surface Pro series and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S7. Apple is betting that these upgrades will help maintain its lead.

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The May 7th event, starting at 7 AM PT/10 AM ET, will be live-streamed for those eager to witness the latest innovations from Apple in the realm of iPads and accessories.