5 Healthy And Delicious Dinners In Under 30 Minutes

Rosemary Potatoes, Sausage, Broccoli bake.

Cut potatoes into small cubes for fast cooking. Line cooking sheet with parchment paper. Pre-heat oven to 425F. Mix potatoes in large bowl with 1 tbsps olive oil, salt, pepper, rosemary to taste. Dump potatoes on parchment paper put in oven with 15 minute timer. Slice sausage and cut Broccoli into bit sized pieces, mix in the same bowl will olive oil, salt and pepper to taste. When timer goes off at 15 minutes, dump Sausage / Broccoli on top of potatoes. Cook an additional 15 minutes at 425F. Serve hot.

Image Source: Jeff Cunha

30 Minute Chicken Tacos:

Add 1 tbsp. canola oil to frying pan. Place 1lb ground chicken meat in Frying pan, turn heat to medium/high 6. Smash ground chicken into small pieces for faster cooking. Add taco seasoning after meat begins to brown. While meat is cooking, chop lettuce, avocado, tomatoes into small sections. Use either flour or hard taco shells. Cook meat 20 minutes or until brown. Heat 1 can refried beans in microwave for 3.5 minutes on high. Mix 1 Tbsp. sour cream into beans when done. Add cheddar cheese and taco sauce after filling shells/tortillas with cooked meat.

Image Source: Jeff Cunha

Home Made pizza.

Ok yes you do need to either make the crust prior to get this done in 30 minutes or most local grocery stores sell pre made dough that you can freeze and then let sit in the fridge until you want to use it. Take it out and set in covered bowl spritzed with olive about 4 hours before dinner. The key to good pizza crust is letting it sit in the fridge for more than 24 hours…. Once dough has risen , work with hand from center out to form pizza crust. Place on pizza stone, perforate with pizza tool, add sauce, cheese, and topping. For a healthy version try sauce of pesto and zucchini rounds instead of pepperoni. Cook at 450F for 26 minutes.

Image Source: Jeff Cunha

Trout Salad and whole wheat French bread.

This is pre cooked and smoked trout. Open package place on plate. Cut French bread into rounds. Mix green salad with fixing and dressing of your choice. Very low calorie and very fast to throw together. Under 15 minutes.

Image Source: Jeff Cunha

Chicken, Mushroom Potatoes and Chicken Gravy..

Fillet chicken breast in half for faster cooking times. Beat with mallet to further reduce cooking time. Pre heat oven to 450F.. cut potatoes into small cubes toss in bowl with olive oil rosemary and salt/pepper. Place on parchment lined cookie sheet, stick in oven bake for 30 minutes. While potatoes are baking, heat frying pan to medium/high 7, cook chicken fillets in either butter/canola oil/olive oil until lightly browned, cut mushrooms into slices, set chicken aside covered. Heat chicken gravy either premade or use chicken bullion mixed in water with 1tbps corn starch per cup of liquid, heat to high in sauce pan, poor over mushrooms in frying pan, mix in chicken. Add green dinner salad or vegetable of choice to round out the meal.