Toyota Prius Named 2024 MotorTrend Car of The Year

The Toyota Prius Is the 2024 MotorTrend Car of the Year

If you recall we did an article about how the Prius 2023 was the world’s first perfect car, now almost 2 months later Motor Trend is jumping on the band wagon, announcing today that the Prius won their coveted 2024 car of the year award.

MotorTrend Group’s Ed Loh announced that Toyota has taken the Prius to a new level with its latest model, which has become a standout in its evolution. The new Prius has won over the MotorTrend judges by being an appealing and engaging car, while still maintaining its key features of efficiency, safety, and affordability.

The 2023 Prius model has undergone a transformation, both in terms of its exterior design and its performance. It’s not common to describe eco-friendly cars as “sexy”, but this term fits the new Prius perfectly. It now boasts a sleek design and improved performance, making it the most fuel-efficient Prius in its 23-year history, with a fuel economy of 57 miles per gallon.

MotorTrend editors were full of praise for the new Prius, calling it the best-looking, best-driving, most powerful, and most efficient Prius yet. The starting price for this hybrid car is $28,745. The interior of the car has also been revamped, with a more unified design that does away with the mix of different plastics and low-quality displays found in previous models.

Executive editor Mac Morrison was particularly impressed with the new design, saying it made him excited to drive the car. The driving experience has also been enhanced with a new 2-liter, inline-four engine that increases the horsepower from 95 to 150. The braking and steering have also been improved.

Morrison was surprised by the Prius’s performance, saying it was able to keep up with a Model 3 on a winding road route without any problems. He also mentioned that he enjoyed driving the Prius, something he had never experienced before with this model.

The Prius outperformed the Tesla Model 3 Highland, Lucid Air, Hyundai Ioniq 6, and other 2024 models to win the prestigious car of the year award. This award has been given by the auto magazine since 1949 to the best new or significantly revised car of a given model year. The previous winner was the Genesis G90 luxury sedan.