Why Walking Your Dog On Leash May Not Be Enough

Dogs do a lot of things that might annoy us, like barking at everything, digging up the yard, or chewing on furniture. Sometimes, they run away or act aggressive toward people and other dogs. These behaviors happen when dogs have too much energy with no way to let it out. It’s not just a training problem; it’s about managing their energy.

Different dog breeds have different needs. For example, if you have a dog bred for hunting or herding, they need specific activities to stay happy. Just telling them to stop misbehaving won’t solve the real issue.

Exercise is essential for dogs, but just going for a walk isn’t enough. It’s about how you walk with them – who’s in control, where they walk, and how they handle distractions like other animals. A short daily walk is crucial to show your dog that you’re in charge.

Even if you run or play with your dog a lot, it might not be sufficient. Dogs need both physical and mental challenges. Meeting new dogs at a dog park is a great way to achieve this. It’s like playing a game of chess while running around – it’s tiring for them, but in a good way.

Dog parks can be risky, so some people prefer dog daycare. It’s like a safe playground for dogs. While it might seem expensive, it’s a better deal than driving to a dog park many times. Your dog will be tired and happy for days afterward.

Not everyone agrees with this perspective, and some dogs can adapt to less exercise, but many dogs need more mental and physical stimulation than they get. Imagine being alone in your house for long hours with nothing to do – that’s how some dogs feel. We need to understand and meet their needs to have well-behaved and happy pets.