Trump’s Long-Running Relationship with New York Starts to Crumble: Former President Faces Hush Money Charges at Criminal Trial

Former President Donald Trump, who once boasted about his New York roots and love for the city, now finds himself facing irreconcilable differences with his long-time home as he faces hush money charges at trial.

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Trump officially changed his residence from Manhattan to Palm Beach, Florida, in the third year of his presidency and has since lost the support of his home state at the ballot box in both the 2016 and 2020 elections. He is currently on trial for allegedly falsifying business records to cover up a payment to an adult film star during the 2016 election.

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Trump’s relationship with the state of New York seems to be splintering even further, with recent setbacks including a civil fraud case in which he was ordered to pay over $450 million and threats of asset seizure. He is also facing defamation lawsuits and has had his request to attend his son’s graduation denied or delayed due to the trial.

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A jury of his peers is deciding Trump’s fate in this criminal case, adding to his mounting legal issues. The process of selecting a jury has been slow and in the second day in the courtroom Trump was already scolded by the judge for speaking loudly about a potential juror. The judge told the former President, “I will not have any jurors intimidated in the courtroom.”

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New York Attorney General Letitia James secured a civil fraud case against him in February, ordering him to pay over $450 million in penalties. Earlier this year, a New York jury awarded advice columnist E. Jean Carroll $83.3 million in damages for defamation after Trump made false statements about her allegations of sexual abuse. In a separate trial last year, Trump was found liable for sexually abusing Carroll.

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In January, the civil jury’s verdict awarded Carroll damages, rejecting Trump’s attempt to overturn the judgment. The former president has since appealed the case to the New York Court of Appeals.

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Trump’s legal troubles have not been limited to his New York cases; he is also facing investigations and lawsuits in other states, including Georgia and New Jersey; All of which take place as he is running for a second term in the 2024 Presidential Election against Joe Biden. His personal finances, business practices, and presidential actions are all under scrutiny more than ever.

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Despite these challenges, Trump has shown no signs of backing down or accepting defeat. He continues to hold rallies and make public statements, fueling speculation about a potential comeback in the political realm. He has even had multiple temporary gag orders placed on him throughout his trials.

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Trump’s legal team has argued that the actual case against him is weaker than it appears but acknowledges the difficulty of winning over a Manhattan jury given his unpopularity among New Yorkers. They have unsuccessfully sought delays and dismissals for various reasons, including alleged bias in the jury pool.

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As Trump’s legal battles continue, it remains to be seen whether he can restore his relationship with New York or if this will mark the end of his long-running affair with the city that he once called home.