Fox News Questions Donald Trump’s Wildwood, N.J. Rally Size: State Rep. Claims its Largest in State’s History

Fox News host Jesse Watters recently questioned the accuracy of claims regarding the attendance at Donald Trump’s rally in New Jersey. On a segment of “The Five,” Watters challenged the reported crowd size that had gathered to hear Trump speak. This discussion comes at a time when Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee for the 2024 presidential election, faces scrutiny over various statements about his popular support and event sizes.

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During his 2024 campaign event in Wildwood, New Jersey, Trump boasted of an exceptionally high turnout, claiming over 100,000 people attended his rally. This statement was made outside a New York courtroom where Trump was attending his hush money trial. Trump criticized the mainstream media for their reluctance to accurately report the size of the crowd at his events. “A lot of the mainstream media didn’t want to say how many people. They didn’t want to cover it.”

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Historically, Trump has often claimed large crowd sizes at his rallies, a pattern evident since his 2017 inauguration. He famously contended that his inauguration crowd was the largest ever, despite photographic evidence to the contrary. This tendency to exaggerate such figures has been a recurring aspect of Trump’s approach to public appearances and rallies.

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In response to Trump’s recent claims, Watters pointed out that the actual attendance as reported by a Fox News reporter was far less than the claimed 100,000. While still acknowledging a substantial turnout, Watters noted that the figure was closer to 30,000, remarking humorously “That’s still a packed venue, and that’s still, I would say, 29,500 more than Joe Biden’s ever had.”

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Supporting Watters’ skepticism, columnist David Marcus echoed the sentiment in a post on X, formerly known as Twitter. Marcus concurred with the assessment of around 30,000 attendees, stating “Jesse Watters on The Five just said that his reporter puts the Wildwood crowd at about 30,000. That I can believe.”

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Local officials provided another perspective on the event’s size. Lisa Fagan, a spokesperson for the city of Wildwood, estimated that the crowd numbered between 80,000 and 100,000. Her estimate was based on comparisons with other large-scale events held at the same venue.

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Adding to the mix of reports, a video posted by Trump’s campaign on X featured a Fox News reporter at the scene describing the event as “one of the largest Trump rallies I’ve ever been to in the last five years or so.” This suggests there may be some inconsistency in the reports coming from different sources within the same network.

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Fox Business Network’s co-host Stuart Varney also weighed in, claiming that between 80,000 and 100,000 people attended the rally. Varney emphasized that the substantial turnout highlighted strong enthusiasm for Trump’s campaign.

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This variety of reports and opinions reflects the ongoing debate and interest surrounding Trump’s public gatherings and the broader political implications as he campaigns for a return to the White House.

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The discussion over crowd size at political rallies, while seemingly trivial, underscores deeper questions about political support and media representation in the lead-up to the 2024 presidential election.