Chainsaws Were Invented to Help With Child Birth, And 11 Other Mind Expanding Facts

Chainsaws were first invented for child birth. It was nothing like the chainsaws of today but the original concept was nothing more than a short length of two or three strands of twisted wires. It is called the Gigli saw after its inventor Leonardo Gigli, an Italian obstetrician. He invented the wire saw in the year 1894.

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The Scottish Highlands are part of the Appalachian Mountains, because the Appalachian Mountains pre-date the continental drift.

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When the moon is at apogee (farthest distance from Earth), all other 7 planets could fit between the Earth and the Moon. At Apogee it is 252,088 miles from Earth.

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Honey never spoils – Archaeologists have found pots of still-edible honey in ancient Egyptian tombs. The oldest recorded find is estimated to be over 5,500 years old. If that jar in the cupboard has crystalized, simply heat it up and it will return to the normal consistency.

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Velociraptors were apparently the size of turkeys. Not people size. Turns out Jurassic Park was not a documentary, who knew?

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Sharks are older than trees, the rocky mountains, the rings on Saturn, and the north star. By the Early Jurassic Period (195 million years ago) the oldest-known group of modern sharks, the Hexanchiformes or sixgill sharks, had evolved.

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The lighter was invented before matches. The first lighter was invented in 1823 while the match was created in 1826. Döbereiner’s lamp, was invented in 1823 by the German chemist Johann Wolfgang Döbereiner.

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Freshwater eel blood is more toxic to mammals than most other venoms that exist across the animal kingdom. It contains a type of serotoxin called Ichthyohemotoxin and can cause lethal and hemolytic reactions in most mammals.

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Light experiences no time. Even though light travels billions of years to get to us, it experiences the journey as instant, due to its speed.

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The human brain can contain multiple consciousnesses. In a healthy brain, they all get synthesized into a single consciousness, but in abnormal brains they can separate and can control limbs independently. There have been documented instances of a persons right hand trying to undress while the left was trying to get dressed.

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Animals can be allergic to humans. Your furry friend may actually be allergic to you, allergies to human dander are more common than one would think.

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Canned food debuted 50 years before the can opener. The first cans were robust containers, which weighed more than the food they contained and required ingenuity to open, using whatever tools available. The instruction on those cans read “Cut round the top near the outer edge with a chisel and hammer.”