California: Gavin Newsom’s Own Restaurants Pay Workers Less Than McDonalds Under New Law

The governor of California, Gavin Newsom, has signed a law that requires fast food places to pay their workers at least $20 per hour. He thinks this law is great, but it turns out his own fancy restaurants are paying their workers less.

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One of Newsom’s restaurants, called the PlumpJack Cafe, is in a popular spot near Lake Tahoe.

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They’re looking for people to work as bussers, hosts, servers, and food runners, offering $16 an hour.

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The restaurant is pretty fancy, with expensive food and drinks. $5300 Bottle of Burgandy anyone?

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Another restaurant Newsom owns, called the Balboa Cafe in San Francisco, is also hiring.

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They want someone to work as a cocktail server for $18.07 an hour. This place is also fancy, with pricey food and drinks.

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Meanwhile, because of the new law, fast food places are raising prices and laying off workers. Pizza places are letting go of hundreds of employees, and burger joints are increasing their prices.

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Some people think it’s not fair that Newsom’s restaurants pay less while he supports a law that makes fast food places pay more. Newsom’s team says his businesses are managed by a trust, but the trust is controlled by people close to him, like family friends and relatives. Newsom has also used money from his businesses for his political campaigns.

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Unemployment lines will get longer before they get shorter.