What Would Happen if Donald Trump Became The House Speaker?

The US House of Representatives has never had a speaker who was not a member of Congress. But some Republicans have suggested that they would nominate former President Donald Trump for the role, after they ousted Kevin McCarthy in a stunning coup.

Trump, who faces multiple criminal and civil lawsuits, has not ruled out the possibility of becoming the speaker. He has said he would do whatever is best for the country and the Republican Party.

But what would happen if Trump actually became the House speaker? How would he wield his power and influence? And what would be the implications for American democracy and the 2024 presidential election?

Here are some possible scenarios and consequences:

  • Trump would have control over the House agenda and the legislative process. He could use his position to advance his own interests and agenda, such as overturning the 2020 election results, launching investigations into his political enemies, blocking President Joe Biden’s policies and nominations, and promoting his own allies and loyalists.
  • Trump would also have a prominent platform to communicate with his supporters and the public. He could use his speaker’s office and the House floor to deliver speeches, hold rallies, and spread misinformation and propaganda. He could also use his speaker’s prerogative to invite foreign leaders and dignitaries to address the House, such as Vladimir Putin or Kim Jong-un.
  • Trump would face fierce opposition and resistance from Democrats, who would likely boycott or disrupt his proceedings. They could also use their own procedural tools to challenge his authority and legitimacy, such as motions to vacate the chair, censure resolutions, or impeachment articles. They could also appeal to the courts or the public opinion to stop his actions.
  • Trump would also face challenges from within his own party. Some Republicans might support him out of fear or opportunism, but others might oppose him out of principle or pragmatism. They could form a coalition with Democrats to block or override his decisions, or they could defect to form a third party or an independent caucus. They could also challenge him in the 2024 presidential primary or endorse another candidate.
  • Trump’s speakership would have profound effects on the 2024 presidential election. He could use his power and influence to secure his nomination, or he could use it as a bargaining chip to negotiate with other potential candidates. He could also use it as a launching pad for his own campaign, or he could use it as a fallback option if he lost the election. He could also try to manipulate or sabotage the election process itself, such as by refusing to certify the results or by inciting violence or insurrection.

Donald Trump becoming the House speaker would be an unprecedented and unpredictable event that would have far-reaching consequences for American politics and society. It would test the limits of the Constitution, the rule of law, and the separation of powers. It would also polarize the nation further and deepen the crisis of democracy.