Putin Looks To North Korea For More Weapons

The US has issued a warning to North Korea against selling weapons to Russia, imposing sanctions to thwart any such transaction. The US alleges that Russia’s interest in acquiring weapons from North Korea reflects its dwindling defense industry due to Western sanctions and the prolonged conflict in Ukraine.

US intelligence reports indicate that Russia and North Korea are actively engaged in negotiations for an arms deal encompassing various weapon systems, including artillery. These talks began after Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu’s visit to Pyongyang in July and have involved high-level diplomatic exchanges, including correspondence between Kim Jong-un and Vladimir Putin.

The potential arms deal between Russia and North Korea has raised concerns among the US and its allies, particularly the Quad nations (US, Australia, India, and Japan), who oppose the deal and have pledged support for Ukraine’s sovereignty. South Korea, the US, and Japan have also committed to taking strong measures against the transaction. The conflict between Russia and Ukraine, ongoing since 2022, has resulted in substantial casualties, displacement, strained relations with the West, economic sanctions, and a humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.