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Manuel Silva

Manuel Silva is the Senior sports editor for worldmatrix.com He started his career as a freelance writer and blogger, covering various tournaments and leagues in the e-sports scene. He joined worldmatrix.com in 2021 as a staff writer, and quickly rose to the position of sports editor in 2023. Manuel is responsible for overseeing the content and quality of the sports section, as well as managing a team of talented writers and reporters. Manuel is based in Lisbon, Portugal, where he enjoys watching and playing games, reading books, and spending time with his family and friends.

The Gun Debate: How Political Leanings Influence Fatalities

In 2021, the United States witnessed a grim milestone with 48,830 gun-related deaths, underscoring stark disparities influenced by gun ownership rates, political ideologies, and demographic factors. States like Mississippi, Louisiana, New Mexico, Alabama, and Wyoming recorded the highest rates of gun deaths, each surpassing 25 deaths per 100,000 people. Mississippi topped the list with 33.9…

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Burning Up: South-Western States Roast Under Record Heatwave

A sweltering heatwave is gripping the south-western US, prompting excessive-heat warnings across Arizona, Nevada, and California. Over 36 million people are bracing for potentially life-threatening temperatures, with some areas expecting highs 30F above normal. Experts fear this heatwave could mark the beginning of another record-breaking season, surpassing 2023 as the hottest year globally. The National…

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Woke To Broke, Banning Gas Vehicles Makes No Sense Ban EV’s Instead

Electric vehicles (EVs) have often been hailed as the solution to environmental concerns surrounding transportation. However, a closer examination reveals several compelling reasons why they should be banned altogether. Firstly, despite claims of being eco-friendly, the production of EV batteries involves extensive mining for rare earth metals, leading to environmental degradation and human rights abuses…

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Elon Musk Warns ‘America Is Headed Towards Extinction’ And Urges People To ‘Have More Children’

Elon Musk’s stance on encouraging people to “have more children” certainly cannot label him a hypocrite, given that he himself is the father of 11 children with three different women. Two of his children are with Shivon Zilis, an executive at one of his companies, Neuralink. Zilis has clarified that she and Musk never dated;…

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Safe Haven From California No Longer: Texas Exodus Of Companies And Jobs Begins

In the flurry of tech migration from California to Texas in 2020, Austin emerged as a burgeoning tech hub, buoyed by significant moves from Oracle and Tesla. Oracle relocated its headquarters to Austin, while Tesla began construction of a massive Cybertruck factory in the area, both bolstered by tax incentives and state support. These developments…

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State House Passes Controversial Bill Allowing Armed Teachers

Tennessee House Republicans passed a bill on Tuesday that would allow some teachers and staff to carry concealed handguns in public schools despite intense opposition from Democrats, students, gun-reform advocates, and parents of school shooting survivors. The legislation, which easily sailed through the House on a 68-28 vote, is now headed to Republican Governor Bill…

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Supreme Court Battle Over ‘Ghost Guns’: Biden’s Regulation on Untraceable Weapons Challenged

In a significant gun control case, the US Supreme Court will decide whether to uphold President Joe Biden’s regulation requiring background checks and serial numbers for “ghost guns,” following a lower court ruling. The administration’s appeal comes after the high court allowed the rule to remain in effect last August during legal challenges. The case…

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Colorado State University Forecasts Record Hurricane Season with 23 Named Storms

Colorado State University’s (CSU) hurricane research team, headed by senior research scientist Phil Klotzbach, has raised alarm bells for an “extremely active” Atlantic hurricane season in their initial 2024 forecast unveiled on Thursday. Predictions point to a staggering total of 23 named storms, well above the average of 14 tropical storms and seven hurricanes annually…

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