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George Stanton

Asian Hornets Survive UK Winter For First Time:  Urgent Calls for Vigilance

By George Stanton, Environmental Correspondent London, June 4, 2024 — In a surprising development, Asian hornets have managed to survive the harsh UK winter for the first time, according to recent analysis. While this doesn’t necessarily indicate an established population, officials are urging the public to remain vigilant and report any sightings of these invasive…

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Climate Change Today: Long-Track Strong Twisters and Firestorms on the Horizon

A significant severe weather outbreak looms over Kansas and Oklahoma today, promising long-track tornadoes among other threats. The forecast indicates the onset of severe weather by midday or early afternoon, particularly in west central Kansas. However, the greatest concern resides farther east in central and south central Kansas, where numerous long-track supercell storms are anticipated….

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State Farm Says Goodbye to California: 72,000 Homes Left in the Lurch

State Farm, California’s leading insurance provider, recently declared its decision to discontinue insurance policies for roughly 72,000 homes and apartments across the state, starting this summer. This move follows the company’s announcement in March, where it disclosed plans to terminate coverage for approximately 30,000 homes and 42,000 apartments. Reasons cited for these policy cancellations include…

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Climate Change Today: 80mph Baseball Hail And Tornados Starting Lineup For Midwest

This weekend promises a wild ride for the Central U.S. as a slow-moving upper-level pattern sets the stage for various weather events. Severe thunderstorms are expected along a cold front stretching across the Southern Plains, bringing risks of large hail, damaging winds, and tornadoes. Damaging wind gusts, large to very large hail and tornadoes are…

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Climate Change Today: 70mph Tennis Ball Hail With A Side Of Tornados Inundate Midwest

Severe thunderstorms are forecasted to impact portions of eastern Nebraska and western Iowa later today, potentially affecting the evening commute. Hail with a diameter greater than 3 inches is possible according to the National Weather Service. It’s crucial to have multiple ways of receiving weather warnings to stay informed and safe. Throughout the afternoon and…

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